WHOA: Robot Band

I’m so excited today because I heard from Matt Steinke, the genius behind the robotic music of Octant, who wants to perform here at the Museum!

“Octant can be described as a one-man band featuring mainly acoustic robotic musical instruments that back me up like a player piano as I sing. It is my ongoing solo musical project that incorporates a great deal of my visual art and music.” – Matt Steinke

We are no strangers to the incredible work of robotic instruments and the composers who build, program and “direct” them – Eric Singer and LEMURbots built an exhibition here in the summer of 2008 and performed on stage in the Theater. I can’t wait to see what Octant will do. Stay posted for news on the upcoming concert in August – (and don’t worry, we’ll make sure Matt stops into the MakeShop for a little maker Q&A!).