A Bicycle Powered Sewing Machine…It Exists…

Visiting Artist, Paul Nosa, came to the Shop last Friday and brought along his Solar Powered Sewing Machine.  He was going to use this contraption in the MakeShop, which is of course inside…So, instead of Sun Power he utilized Pedal Power.  His sewing machine was able to be hooked up to a bike powered generator.  People had to pedal a stationary bike to generate power for his sewing machine.  Brilliant….I gave it a whirl and it was a lot of fun simply riding a bike and keeping my eye on the meter that showed how much power I was generating.

So that set’s the scene for the Shop last Friday.  A sewing machine attached to a bike; people sewing and people biking.

Paul Nosa is an amazing sewing artist.  But he doesn’t just hand out his projects to visitors and patrons.  He requires that you create a scenario using five words or less.  It was fun trying to guess what the phrase was by only looking at the final product.  Some were really interesting, some were really confusing and some were really cute.

Thanks again to Paul Nosa for stopping by the Shop.  It was a blast.  Below is a video of some pedal power in action.