Graduate Students invade the Shop

Last Wednesday we decided to let a bunch of Graduate Students, from the Katz School of Business at the University of Pitt, come play in the Museum after we closed to the public.  They had a lot of fun.

There were all sorts of projects and games to entertain them, the MakeShop served as a boat building factory.  Basically, the students were split into teams and each team had to construct a boat using simple materials and tools.  They would then take their boats up to our WaterPlay exhibit and race them against the clock and a set of obstacles.  Its great fun watching adults build a boat, as a team building exercise its amazing.  The students have to work together to decided what they want to create, how are they going to create it, what changes need to be made to their design, what to name their project, etc.

Its not so much about boat building, its about team building.  I think that is why the Katz School of Business has this event at the Musem; we offer a great environment for people to create and work together.  Plus, its a lot of fun to see a bunch of Business Students running around and having fun, watching them go down the slide in the Garage was great.

Thanks to Bill for bringing such a fun group of students to play and learn at the Museum.  Maybe we should reserve more times after hours when only big kids can come and play at the Museum too.