I learned a lot about gears today.

I started putting out a lot of random objects for people to make things out of; wood, wheels, old computer parts and gears.  A Dad and his Son experimented a lot with the gears and a motor I had also put out.  What they were doing really caught my attention.  They had attached one big gear to the motor and the Dad was demonstrating how he could turn other gears with the motorized one.  He started adding different sized gears to the contraption.  Also we found out that the more gears we added to the equation the harder the motor had to work to turn them all.  It was a fun little building project for the two and in the end they decided to leave their device at the circuit table for other people to use and explore.  Of course, like most prototypes it was destroyed by the end of the day.  I told the Dad and Son that I really liked what they created and that I would try to make a more robust version of their prototype.

Thanks to Adam and his Dad, Joe, for building such a cool contraption in the MakeShop.