Kids Making…Adults Playing

A family came into the MakeShop on Thursday and spent quite a lot of time making projects.  Well…The kids made projects, the adults just played.  The kdis worked on two amazing projects that were designed and created by them with no instruction at all.  One was a wooden boat and the other was a stuffed doll.  Both projects were incredible, the two kids utilized everything they could find in the Shop.

At the same time I was making some simple tops to play with.  I showed one of these to the kids’ Mom.  She loved it.  She quickly made her own and the two of us started testing them out right there on the Shop floor.  Other visitors seemed genuinely pleased to see two grown adults playing with spinning tops on the floor.

Two really good stories came out of my time spent with this family.  One, the daughter who made the awesome stuffed doll asked me if she could put it on display in the Shop.  I told her yes and thanked her for her inspiring contribution.  I t was such a nice gesture for her to share her project with the Museum.  Second, I asked the family where they were from and if they had been to the Museum before?  They were from Cleveland but had been visiting the Museum since the kids were little.  They were wary on this past visit because they were not sure if the Museum would entertain them the same way it used to.  Well…they certainly seemed to be having a lot of fun in the Shop; I explained that we strive to be an institution that caters to the needs of everyone.  The adults definitely had fun playing and the kids had fun making.