Introducing the team!

The MakeShop is excited to introduce the newest members of our team.  We are incredibly lucky and proud to have such an amazing group of individuals.  These people are some of the best makers and educators in the area and will be available to work alongside our visitors.

Lisa Brahms, Research Fellow and MakeShop Project Lead
Adam Nye, MakeShop Manager
Amy DiPlacido,
MakeShop Coordinator
Kevin Goodwin,
Jeremy Boyle,
Teaching Artist
Rita Gauscheman,
Teaching Artist
Christian Tsu-Raun,
Teaching Artist
Christina Zaris,
Teaching Artist

The team has spent the last several weeks preparing and training for the MakeShop.  We spent time exploring the Museum, learning new skills, testing our workshops, prototyping with visitors and exploring the possibilities of MakeShop.  Please check out the photos below to see what we have been up to.