Making a MakeShop

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Creating an exhibit is quite the experience; there are so many people involved and so many things that need to be done.  You don't just push a button and a whole new room sprouts up somewhere in the Museum.  This was a huge collaborative effort between everyone in the entire Museum.

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Last Friday the team spent a very long day prepping for the big move into the new exhibit.  It felt like we were moving into a new house.  There were boxes of things to organize, trash to recycle and of course pizza to eat.  We had to work fast since the exhibit was opening the next day.  We really had to get the space filled with everything.   From tools to tables, stools to sewing machines.    There was a lot of stuff to do.

With all the nuances finished we stood back and realized that an empty room had now been transformed into something…an exhibit…a MakeShop.

Thanks again to everyone who helped out over the past couple of months.  We appreciate all of the support, enthusiasm and dedication.