A simple story

The picture above is worth a thousand words.  This group of visitors was a lot of fun to play with.  They came into the MakeShop  as we were setting up for an after school group.  We had the entire shop set up for sewing.  This group came in and immediately set about exploring everything we had to offer.  They explored both as individuals and as a group.  The younger ones were fascinated with the sewing machines and got to spend some time learning how to use one.  The oldest child picked up on how to use one of the sewing machines rather quickly, so I left her to create her own quick project.  She was very self-sufficient.  The adult of the group really wanted to try her hand at knitting. She said that she had done it a long time ago, but had forgotten.  After some quick reminders she started a simple knitting project.

After a while, the adult decided to move on to the circuit block table to play with something new.  The kids finished up with their exploration of the sewing machines.  It was the circuit blocks that collectively brought the group back together.  They spent a considerable amount of time playing around with electricity; showing each other how to turn certain things on and off.  They were a fun group!

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