Visitors to the MAKESHOP

A couple of days ago members from our Visitor Services Department visited the MAKESHOP and spent some time making things. We were doing woodworking  that day. There were some interesting creations made by the employees who work at the front desk. The Museum is a very open institution and it really shows when members of different departments can get together to work on projects.

The projects that day included an animal face puzzle, a multiple wheeled sculpture, a rat car and a sail boat with wheels. As I said, it’s always fun to have new visitors in the MAKESHOP, especially when those visitors work in the same museum. These kinds of activities really open up all kinds of opportunities. It’s this openess that really helps our Museum create an environment that meets the needs of so many people. If everyone on the staff is having fun and being creative, then that directly affects how the visitors experience the Museum too.

Thanks to our coworkers for visiting the MAKESHOP and making some amazing projects.


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