A World Without Wheels

What happens when you limit certain materials?  Say you run out of wooden wheels; an absolute staple material while running an open wood shop.  Honestly, it leads to some pretty cool projects.

I had several visitors who were initially going to make simple wooden cars.  When they were told that there were no wheels for their projects they decided to create something different.  These projects were so much fun to help out with.  Sometimes it’s the difficult projects that end up being the most fun to create.

One child who wanted to make a car ended up scraping that idea, but used the same design to make a skyscraper.  How does one go about building a skyscraper…?  It takes some brainstorming, teamwork, ingenuity and lots of measuring.  Sometimes you have to make do with what you have; or with what you don’t.

Luckily, we won’t run out of wheels any time soon, especially with our next traveling exhibit.  WHEELS, our newest temporary exhibit will be at the Museum from February 18-May 16.  Check back for more details, or visit our website.


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