During one of our open woodworking sessions, a young girl approached me and explained that she wanted to build an hour glass. I asked her why she wanted to build that specific project. She told me about how her younger brother broke the hour glass from one of her board games. She was hoping to create a new one in the MAKESHOP. I told her that I have never built an hour glass before, but I was really excited to try. We drew up a design and got to work. First, we gathered our materials: plastic cups, some pieces of wood and sand from the Nursery exhibit. We then set out to try and construct the project. It took a lot of brainstorming and teamwork but, in the end we accomplished our goal. We built a functional “hour glass” out of bits of wood and plastic.

The same little girl then set out to make her own game board to go along with the hour glass. She explained to me and some other members of the staff that she was going to make up her own games to play on the board. What an amesome concept.

During this entire time her brother created a really cool banjo-like instrument. The project was based on an example we had lying around. We simply showed him how to use the different tools in the MAKESHOP and then let him make the instrument on his own. All of these project were a joy to be a part of. They were interesting and functional. These kinds of projects are always a blast to help out with. They really get us thinking about what kinds of creative projects other visitors will come up with.


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