Persistent Sculptures


A couple of days ago a brother and sister visited the MAKESHOP several times. They created a couple of interesting projects. What was really interesting was the amount of times they visited the MAKESHOP in one day. They continued to work on their projects on and off throughout the day. The younger brother worked on an “on-going” sculpture that posed a lot of design and balance challenges. By the end of the day, he left with an extremely cool sculpture that he constructed all on his own. It was great that he stopped by the MAKESHOP throughout the day to continue adding to his creation.

His older sister worked on a really amazing project. She created a face out of wooden parts. It was incredible looking. Then she added a funny looking hat. She described it as “one of those funny looking graduation hats.” She then proceded to make a diploma for her “graduate.” Such an interesting project.

It was great to have this brother and sister duo visit the MAKESHOP so many times throughout the day.


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