Youth Alive: Survival Kit Project

Over the past several weeks, students from the Museum’s YouthALIVE after school program worked on a very interesting design challenge.  The kids were tasked with creating a “survival kit” for someone stranded on a deserted island.  They were afforded time in the MakeShop to design and create the objects for their kits.  The students worked in teams and were given a set number of objects to create.  These items included shelter, a device for carrying water, a means of entertainment, etc.  It was fun watching their kits evolve week by week.

Pictured here are their final products along with the students presenting their work to a panel of judges. The judges included some directors, managers and other staff.  It was a big deal!

The kids had a great time designing, brainstorming and creating.  Allowing them to present their final products made them appreciate their work that much more.  This is the kind of environment I would love to see harbored more often at the Museum.  Letting kids share their projects with others is not only fun but empowering also.


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