Tess visited the Museum a couple of days ago.  She and her family were an absolute joy for the entire MakeShop team to interact with.  I use the term “interact” instead of “facilitate” because she did most of, if not all of, the work.  She accepted some tips and pointers on various woodworking techniques, but she had this project under control.  She was able to implement the things she learned into a massive project.

She built one of the biggest projects the MakeShop has seen yet.  Her project was a large frame for a house.  She talked about how she planned on adding walls and a roof to the house when she got back to her home in Washington, DC.  We always love to hear that visitors will take something new that they learned here and do it at home!

The best thing about this project wasn’t the project itself, but it was Tess and her amazing attitude.  I’m glad the entire MakeShop staff got a chance to interact with her and her family.  It was great to be a part of her project.


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