Impromptu Shop Bots…


Two families came in to the MAKESHOP a few days ago and asked if we were building robots. It was a quiet day, so I told them that we could if we had the materials. One of the mothers explained to me that her youngest daughter had built a Shop Bot during a class visit to the Museum.

Apparently her older brother wanted to build one too. That’s why they were hoping to build some bots during their visit as a family. I quickly gathered the tools and had them find some materials to construct their bots. Everyone was in a creative mood and really had fun assembling their projects.

This was one of those times in the MAKESHOP when I didn’t really have to facilitate, but I got to experience the families having fun while creating. They were joking around; but at the same time they were diligently working on their projects. It was this openness and playfulness that I think allowed the two moms to really get involved in the projects, too.

If you create a certain atmosphere, then people are more apt to let their guard down, to more freely tinker and to have fun.


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