Youth Alive: Craft Stick Explosions

Pardon the wacky camera work in the videos above and below. I’m for giving the camera to the kids and letting them have a chance to document a project. We decided to let our the students from our afterschool club, YouthALIVE!, play around with creating “craft stick explosions”.  They really seemed to enjoy it. I always like the change of pace these seventh and eighth graders bring to the MAKESHOP.  It is fun having a group of older kids around to test out new and different activities.  These craft stick explosions take a lot of patience to accomplish.

This activity was fun, but the real fun comes when you allow the kids to videotape the action. It’s a good lesson to learn about the importance of documenting something. Documentation is a great tool for reflection. We try to encourage documentation and reflection as much as possible to ensure that visitors appreciate this important step of the design process.


Kevin is a teacher by trade. He loves dinosaurs, sloths and magnets.

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