Rowan’s Electric Car

Rowan and his grandfather are frequent visitors to the Museum. They’re the kind of visitors who typically spend most of their visit in one exhibit. This particular day they decided to spend over an hour tinkering in the MAKESHOP. Rowan helped me assemble a new circuit block for other visitors to enjoy. I often find that it’s good practice to show our visitors that we make most of the things they play with at the Museum. It is always good to let a visitor share in that experience.

Rowan is five years old (well, technically five and three quarters, according to him). He has spent enough time in the MAKESHOP to know that he can use all kinds of materials to create a project. And he knows to ask for help when he needs it. He started messing around with a bunch of old toy parts that we had laying around. He chose parts from an old remote controlled car. The two of us decided to try and create a motorized car with the parts he found. We had to improvise and tinker to figure this project out.

We accomplished our goal, but not without some hiccups along the way. We had to really search for the right kind of wheels; we had to test everything twice before assembly. In the end, we created something really cool, but we also had to use our brains collectively to reach our goal.


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