Droids and Grandmas

I have had whole families work on projects in the MAKESHOP. This was the first instance where I witnessed three generations create three separate projects at once.


We were celebrating “May the Fourth Be With You” day in the MakeShop. Being the National STAR WARS day, we decided to let visitors make “ShopDroids.”

A very eager family came in and got right to work creating things. To my surprise, this was not the typical scenario. Instead, I found that the son was making his own “droid” while his Mom was making her own… while the Grandma worked on her own as well.

The MAKESHOP is a very family oriented space. We encourage both kids and adults to participate. This particular incident involving this family took the cake.

I had so much fun interacting with this family. I’m interested in teaching children, but I am not opposed to teaching grandmas too. This was a great family experience; I am glad that I got to be a part of it. The projects turned out great and everyone had a spectacular time tinkering.


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