Exploring and Inventing

Who are inventors? Anyone can be an inventor…


Most people probably picture an inventor as someone in a laboratory working with a bunch of complex machines. When I think of inventors, I picture anyone willing to try out something new. Kids are great at inventing things. Case in point: Usman and his “Spinny Thing”.

Usman spent a lot of time in the MAKESHOP. He really enjoyed experimenting with our circuit blocks. I gave him his own battery pack and motor. It was up to him to decide what do with his newly acquired spinning motor. We ended up tying a ribbon on the end of the motor. We then turned the motor on and what happened was really neat. The ribbon spun around extremely fast. It sounded really cool too. We discovered that you could change the noise that the ribbon made by simply touching it while it spun. We then created a switch with a binder clip to turn the motor on and off.

Usman then filmed his invention in action with our camera.

In the end he asked me if anyone had made this kind of project before. Maybe someone else had, but this particular device was built by Usman and therefore it was unique. It was special because he had created it.

Discovering something new is just like inventing something new.


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