The MAKESHOP is for everyone…

We are a “kids” museum, so little kids come here every day and play.


Adults are allowed…no…encouraged have fun too. Case in point: A dad from California visited the MAKESHOP and had the time of his life. This particular visitor came into our Museum not expecting to have nearly as much fun as he did. He wanted to try to make an electric motorized car. The two of us set out to attempt to make this project.

I typically treat adults the same way as I treat little kids. You allow them to test things, to make mistakes and find things out on their own. You want to facilitate the creation process while not taking it over. I just provided the tools and encouragement. Two hours later, we had a fully operational car to play with.

This was a really fun project. It was great meeting a visitor from across the country. This was a really meaningful experience for the two of us.


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