Instructions Included


Sam had visited the Museum two days in row. On his second visit, he brought with him his very own set of instructions for our tangible programming block table, which was developed by the Digital Dream Lab student team at the Entertainment Technology Center. The instructions were great and very detailed.

Sam approached me in the MAKESHOP and ask what he could do with his instructions. He wanted to leave them for other visitors to see. He was pretty sure that the hotel stationary they were written on wouldn’t last very long. He was hoping that I could make them a little more robust. I always love having a new project to work on. Sam left the original instructions with me and I plan on making something a little more permanent out of them.

Thanks to Sam for working on this set of instructions all on his own. It is great that our visitors have a sense that they can add something to heighten the experience for others at the Museum.

Thanks again Sam,


Kevin is a teacher by trade. He loves dinosaurs, sloths and magnets.

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