Kevin returns to MAKESHOP

I spent this summer at Shady Side Academy Day Camp Discovery.  It was a very fun experience.  I spent a lot of time teaching and even more time learning how to teach fom my fellow educators.  This has always been a great teaching experience for me, but I am glad to back at the Museum.

My first day back was full of cleaning, conversations, construction, building, teaching, etc. I spent some of the time creating version 1.5 of the MAKESHOP Xylophone. It looks a lot prettier, but I’m not sure how it sounds. I added a flair of black and white to give it more of a piano motif.

I also spent roughly an hour with an absolutely amazing family in the MAKESHOP. They were returning visitors who brought along their cousins for their first visit. They made some really cool custom wall hangers for their rooms.

Sadly, I missed out on the “OZ Rocks!” show, but the new park is looking greener than ever and “Cloud Arbor” is a sight to see. My friend told me that the new park outside of the Museum is now a destination for her when she is showing people around Pittsburgh.

It is great to be back! I look forward to prototyping some new projects for the Museum..along with playing with some great visitors.


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