I came in to work a couple of days ago to find an entire half of MAKESHOP covered in amazing cardboard structures, such as cars, boats, buildings and bridges. We’ve tried to make a cardboard town in the past, but this one is easily the most extensive. Visitors seemed to be more invested in their projects if they know that they will be prominently displayed.  We had visitors write their names and what they created on pieces of paper which were then used to identify projects.

There were some amazing Pittsburgh landmarks built during the day, including the Smithfield St. Bridge, Heinz Hall and PNC Park. Some families worked for over an hour on their projects. Others were happy just admiring other’s creations. Hooray for community projects!

I have to say my three of my favorite projects were the “Evil Villian’s Underwater Hide-Out”, “MAKESHOP Mini-Golf”, and the “Route 28 Construction Zone”.  Oh, and the giant reptile monster that Christian and I created was pretty great too.  The “Just Ducky” tour boat was a pretty awesome addition as well. 

Thanks to all the visitors who helped populate “MAKESBURGH”.  Our tiny village quickly grew into a metropilis. The creativity was outstanding throughout the weekend.


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