Weaving Production Team

About a month ago, two families came in together. Ages 10, 8, 8 and 5, I would normally expect them to have pretty different definitions of what was “fun” at the museum. Upon entering MAKESHOP, they discovered the loom and took turns working at it. The younger three went to look at some of the other activities, but the eldest just kept weaving. Eventually, the other three came back to see what he was up to…. And he set them to work.

Taking turns, one would work the treadles with their feet, to raise and lower the warp strings; one would send the shuttle back and forth to add a row of weft strings; one would pull the reed, forcing the weft strings tightly together; and one would “supervise, and make sure we don’t mess anything up”.

The four weavers basically set up camp, and some time quite a bit later had managed not only to add about two feet to the scarf we were making, but actually reach the end of the warp, meaning they could go no further. Everybody (including the mothers of the two families) chipped in to remove the finished piece from the loom and tie off all the ends.

After a brief discussion we came to a decision: we were going to let them keep the scarf, under one simple condition — that they share it with each other, which they’d already proven more than capable of.

Rebecca has been a MAKESHOP intern, educator, Teaching Artist and Manager. She's also been a graphic designer, costume shop manager, shoe salesperson, and hair stand-in for Fabio.

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