Prototyping New Programs

The MAKESHOP staff likes to prototype our programming.  Sometimes this step can be the most fun part of developing new activities for our visitors.  Our theme for the month of September is “Books and Bags.”  We set out at the end of August to figure the best ways for visitors to create these two things.  Along with the best ways for the Teaching Artists to teach other people how to make books and bags.

We made some prototype bags and decided on the sizes and parts we would need to prep.  We made some templates that would be ideal for making a simple messenger bag.  For the books, we experimented with different materials and different ways of binding the pages.

We discover a lot of things during this testing phase.  What is difficult for us might also be difficult for a visitor.  We try to work out as many of the kinks as possible.  There are always going to be unexpected obstacles along the way, but that can be half the fun.

This particular day we prototyped a lot of different ideas.  As always it was a ton of fun!


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