Circuit Experiments

We have been working on some new circuit block prototypes lately. Christian is working on a motorized generator that is constructed out of an old bike. Nick built a really cool circuit puzzle using conductive tape. These projects have really got us thinking about the future possibilities of our circuit blocks. I attempted to build a matching game that utilized circuits… still working on that. I did, however, create a practical magnetic switch for the table.

I love how our circuit blocks offer room for new ideas and experimentation.


  1. Jess Reply

    While teaching a workshop yesterday I realised I am still using the circuit blocks I made at the very first Maker Boot Camp in 2013. Since then I moved the whole way to New Zealand with only four bags of luggage, but the circuit blocks I made at the Children’s Museum were a few of the most important things I chose to bring with me. I am so glad I did, they are just perfect for quickly explaining basic electronics in a way anyone can understand.

    • Rebecca Reply

      That’s such an awesome thing to hear! It’s great to know you’re still keeping up with the making way out in Kiwi-land, and a little piece of us is with you.

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