SparkTruck Pit Stop

We had some amazing guests visit the Museum from Stanford University in sunny California.  Jason, Didi and Eugene have spent the summer traveling across the United States in a mobile workshop dubbed the SparkTruck.  Check it out!

Along the way, they have been stopping at museums, community centers, events, and parks… Anywhere they can find.  Their truck is full of various gadgets, materials and tools.  The most magical of these is the laser cutter.

I had a lovely time with the three students.  We helped visitors cut out custom shapes using a computer and the laser cutter.  We explored the Museum and had ice cream!The main event of the day was a workshop that visitors could sign up to attend.  The participants were given the opportunity to design and create their own custom stamp. It was so much fun.

What I enjoyed the most wasn’t all the interesting technology on display.  No, it was the astounding enthusiasm of Eugene, Jason (Laser Man), and Didi.  These three educators/makers/students/travelers are going on quite the adventure.  I’m glad that the Museum was one of their stops.

Thanks again guys,


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