A couple of days ago a family came into the MAKESHOP and made some masks. They were so much fun to interact with.  They were a genuinely goofy group of people.  The two boys immediately knew that they were going to make “bank robber” masks.  The mother and daughter designed and built a very intricate mask.  During this entire time there were also three boys in the shop.  These three had already spent an hour tinkering with different disguises.

Everyone seemed to feed off of each other’s creative energy.  There were fake mustaches, beards, goofy masks and top hats made during this period of time.  These were all the kinds of projects that didn’t have a beginning or an end.  They were the kinds of projects that could keep you messing around.  I love projects like that.  You don’t necessarily need to finish your project in MAKESHOP.  You can always bring it back during your next visit or work on it more at home.  We love it when that happens.


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