Adults in MAKESHOP!


We held our very first MAKEnight a couple of days ago.  We essentially let a bunch of adults play and explore in MAKESHOP after the Museum closed.  The theme of our first night was electricity.  We had our 3D Printer on display creating some models.  We also had our circuit blocks out, the EggBot, conductive play-dough and copper tape tinkering.  It was a very fun and exciting night.

I spent most of the night helping out with the copper tape projects.  Basically, you could make a simple circuit using a LED, copper tape and a coin cell battery.  We encouraged people to make light up cards; but people, as usual, were free to make whatever their hearts desired.  Each individual project was based on the same premise while at the same time each project presented a new challenge.  I’m no expert when it comes to using copper tape; but I am someone who enjoys a good challenge.  Most everyone who tried to create something did.  Some of the ideas were a little too ambitious, but that did not stop people from trying.  The light up masquerade mask was a great example of a project that took a lot of experimentation but with some persistence and brainstorming to finish.

All and all it was a really amazing night.  It was a great turnout and everyone had a great time.  I look forward to the next MAKENIGHT on December 6th. Email us to get more information!


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