Light Painting Inspiration

We’re exploring with light painting this month, but that’s just a starting point! If you can’t get enough of light painting or need some inspiration for a bigger project, then watch these amazing light videos and get some ideas!

If you’re one of our older visitors, you may remember this Sprint television commercial from about five years ago. It’s short, but the lights are beautiful.

“Rippled” by All India Radio is a beautiful combination of different light and animation techniques. Look for all the different shapes and kinds of movement the lights make.

“I Have a Light Idea” is a cool compilation of photos and videos which use light in different ways. Christmas lights, blinking things, photos taken while flashlights are shone around….

This video uses a computer-controlled moving television that plays a movie of blinking lights. If you were to watch the movie on a screen, it would just look like random dots, but when it’s moved back and forth very fast, it creates an amazing, artistic image of a car.

“Extreme Sheep LED Art” is a bit different: this one was made with a bunch of sheep covered in lights, being herded around a hill and photographed! This one doesn’t use long exposures that leave lines, but is more like a Lite-Brite. Made of sheep.

What other ways could you use light? What else makes light? How could you move it, or attach it to something that moves? What kinds of messages, words or pictures would you make?

Rebecca has been a MAKESHOP intern, educator, Teaching Artist and Manager. She's also been a graphic designer, costume shop manager, shoe salesperson, and hair stand-in for Fabio.
  1. Mario Carta Reply

    Not that this is so good as the McLaren or Samsung videos, but it’s a one man only effort to create pictures from the Universe with light Painting and the other, playing with music, colors and synesthetic feelings:

    • nathan Reply

      They look pretty great to me!

  2. nathan Reply

    We’d love to see some more!

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