Stop Motion Inspiration

This month, MAKESHOP is focusing on activities that relate to a theme of “time,” so we’ve fixed up our homemade stop motion animation station to be better than ever! Whether you’re new to stop motion, were inspired by one of the full-length movies that came out this year (The Pirates! Band of Misfits, ParaNorman, or Frankenweenie) or are in the season for an annual re-watching of the 1993 classic Nightmare Before Christmas, you may be looking for more cool videos, ideas and inspiration.

Here are a few of my favorite stop-motion videos that use pictures of real people or things instead of clay puppets.

The music video for “Her Morning Elegance” is an excellent example of cool effects with simple props. The woman in the video rides a train, leaps through clouds, dangles off ledges and dives underwater… without leaving her bed.

PES makes lots of very cool videos using everyday objects that look like other everyday objects. “Western Spaghetti” looks like any other cooking video… if other cooking videos used Rubix cubes, rubber bands, yarn and Pick Up Stix as food.

A man standing on a floor shouldn’t be this awesome, but it is. Surrounded by a world drawn in chalk, a superhero flies above a city, swims through pipes and fights a giant squirrel to save a lovely lady.

“Oh Mandy” by Spinto Band uses cut-out photos of the musicians, pieces of paper, ice and fire to create a strange town made of both 2D and 3D pieces that are built and destroyed.

The photos is this video are actual, printed photographs, laid out side by side to emphasize the direction of the movement in the pictures.

The video for “Americanarama” by Hollerado isn’t quite stop motion — it was filmed in slow motion! The band played the song on speakers at about 1/4 speed, lip synced along and had a wall of people displaying different signs. Somebody behind the camera called out directions to tell them when to move. The people in the background act like stop motion: every time they switch their signs, it’s a new picture!

What would different objects do if they came alive? What sorts of objects could you use to look like something else? How would you move and what would you do, if you could do anything at all? 

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