Stop-Motion…What else can it do?

We are still continuing to test our stop-motion prototype.  I tried out a couple of different techniques using our current setup.  I was able to rig the camera into a position that allows it to see the entire MAKESHOP.  We made a pretty simple animation of Nick while he was cleaning up one of the tables.  Experimenting with animation in this manner is pretty fun.  Plus, it makes the person you are animating look really silly.

A twelve year old helped me prototype some actual animation which required a lot of drawing and erasing.  He spent roughly an hour experimenting with his animation.  He made a lot of drawings that were just a little bit different each time.  His end result was basically a cartoon.

His idea lead to me laminating a couple of pieces of paper so that other visitors could attempt stop-motion drawing as well using dry-erase markers and crayons.  It is always such a pleasure to have visitors help in the development process of our programs at the Museum.


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