Meet a Maker!

Rounding out the veterans of  MAKESHOP is Kevin, who has worked at the Children’s Museum for over five years. Whether you need help using a new tool, lifting something heavy, or need to hang out with someone who exudes patience, he is the guy to find!

Name: Kevin

Favorite color: Black

How long have you worked at Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh: 2007

When did you know you were a Maker?
8 months ago


Who or what influences what you make?

What is the most important skill you’ve in MAKESHOP?
How to use a sewing machine.

What do you not know how to do?
I don’t know how to speak Spanish.

When you are not in MAKESHOP, what do you do for fun?
I think about sloths, watch Jeopardy, and make craft projects.

If you were a material or tool, what would you be?
A dry erase board.

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