Monster Pet Workshop

Shortly before Halloween, Amy and I ran a “Monster Pet” workshop. We had two hours and the entire workshop to help visitors through the process of brainstorming, designing, planning, and construction using both hand and machine sewing techniques.

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We began by brainstorming what makes a monster a monster. What kind of words would you use to describe your monster? Where does your monster live? What makes a creature scary, or cute, or funny? What are some real animals that look weird, and what makes them so strange? What other Halloween creatures can you think of?

After coming up with a great list of attributes, we asked each maker to choose a few and start sketching different ways to fit them all onto their monster.  I recommended doing some scribbles with closed eyes and then picking a shape or two that they were inspired by and could turn into a creature.

After designing, we made patterns out of cardstock, carefully cut our fabric,  discussed which steps needed to be done in which order, and learned about special ways to sew the different pieces. All three kid-makers used combinations of hand and machine sewing techniques to complete beautifully-crafted, funny, squishy Monster Pets!

(We were so busy having fun that we only got a few photos, and they ended up being very blurry. Or maybe that’s just a little monster magic playing tricks on our eyes….)

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