Re-purposing Old Parts


I decided to drastically change the xylophone that I built for MAKESHOP.  While prototyping some ideas with a group of preschool students, some teachers and I noticed that they really enjoy filling up containers and dumping them out.  They also really like to put things through holes and fit different size pieces together.  I was unofficially commissioned to create a simple prototype that would allow our youngest visitors to explore containers and different sizes of materials.


I am calling this project “Xylophone 3.0” because I decided to repurpose the triangular base from an old xylophone that I made and use it as the platform for this new prototype.  Good bye xylophone, hello new project!  I can only assume that this new prototype will go through as many iterations as the xylophone did.  As always, it is great having something new to test out.  Typically, I do not name any of my projects or prototypes.  I don’t mind it when other people name them though.  This one has already been dubbed “Fit-It” to go along with the “Build-It” piece that also exists in MAKESHOP.


The xylophone had a good run, but change is always good.  I look forward to seeing visitors explore this new prototype.


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