Aircraft Carrier


Joseph was a really fun kid to meet.  He was one of those visitors who seemed to fit right in at MAKESHOP.  He didn’t know exactly what he wanted to create, but he came to a decision after he spent some time tinkering and exploring the materials.  He first tinkered around with lighting up small LEDs with batteries.  He eventually created a really cool switch using a single paper clip.  After he was done exploring circuits, he moved on to creating a very large air craft carrier out of recycled materials.

Joseph told me about a similar project he had created with LEGOs at home.  I asked him if it was a kit or if he had created it using his own design.  He said that he came up with the whole thing on his own.  He then proceeded to pull three small airplanes out of his pocket.  He actually came prepared to make this air craft carrier.  The project was enormous and took over an hour to build.  Joseph even added some working LED lights to the boat using his newly gained knowledge of circuits.

This was a really fun project to witness from start to finish.



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