Meet a Maker!


Meet Christian, the master of puns! Christian is one of our MAKESHOP Teaching Artists.

Name: Christian

Favorite color: Red (and black)
How long have you been working at The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh? September 2011
When did you know you were a maker?
I don’t think I identified myself as a “Maker” until recently. I’ve always made, tinkered, and disassembled things though. I remember learning how to hook up our TV to its antenna and VCR when I was 4, and making an electromagnet wand when I was 8 or 9, and generally having the idea that things are made and can be made at home for as far back as I can remember.
Who or what influences what you make?
Sometimes I make out of some need: Make shelves to increase wall space, make a workbench so that I have one, make a stool for the workbench.
Most of the time, though, I make because it’s fun: cigar box guitars, PVC longbows, right now I’m working on a portable power source for campers, because I want to.
What is the most important thing you’ve learned by working at the MAKESHOP?
Love mistakes. Love getting things wrong. When you get it wrong you have to ask yourself why, and have to look at your work to see what can answer those questions. In the process, you learn far more than if you just got it working the first time.
When you are not in the MAKESHOP, what do you do for fun?
Make stuff, read, play Minecraft (Yes, when I’m not making stuff, I play a game where you make stuff).
What do you not know how to do?
Many things! It would take a lifetime to learn them all. I’d like to learn how to weld, and blacksmith, and cast. There’s something about fire and metal that’s awesome.
If you were a material or tool, what would you be?
Magnet wire, or maybe a battery.

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