A family’s prototype


Here is a quick story about an amazing pair of makers that spent an entire Saturday working on a single idea, which was “What can you do with a mousetrap?”

When I joined this father and son team, they were already under production with their creation: a mousetrap car.  Apparently the dad saw that we had a couple of mousetraps in a jar on a shelf and his son remembered something that he saw that involved a car made from a mousetrap. The dad was inspired, so he went out to his car and brought back his laptop and looked up a tutorial on how to make a mousetrap car.  The two then set out to create a working, spring-loaded car.

The great thing about these two was that they didn’t simply follow the instructions online. They instead figured out the basics of the car and then set out to create their own version.  This first version turned into a couple of of different versions, finally landing on “Version 2.8” (the son came up with this number).

This was a fun pair!  They were constantly testing things out and tinkering.  They didn’t expect the car to work every time.  Instead, when something went wrong, they simply went back to the drawing board.  After a couple of hours of building and testing, the two of them took a well-deserved lunch break.

They managed to create a moustrap car in the end.  After that the two of them took apart the car and created a different version.  They eventually created a car with two mousetraps and also built a simple catapult for other visitors to play with.

I am glad that I was able to witness this father and son tackle this challenge.  They were so persistent and brought so much creativity into MAKESHOP that Saturday.



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