Teenagers and Shopbots


The Museum sees a lot of visitors every week.  Most of them are under five years old, but every week during the school year, a group of 6-8th grade students visit the Museum for our after-school program, YouthALIVE! These students visit MAKESHOP about once a month. We try to give them design challenges to help them to be creative and persistent.  A few weeks ago, we decided to introduce them to circuits and then give them a challenge to create something using a motor and batteries.

The youth who participated in the challenge had a blast trying to figure out interesting ways to use the motors.

Working with this older age group is great! Eighth graders can be so much different than preschoolers (they can sometimes be surprisingly similar too).

I always look forward to having the YouthALIVE! students visit MAKESHOP.  We get the chance to work with a different age group and sometimes try out new activities with them.  They get to learn by using real materials and tools to solve problems.


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