Chair + Lights = ?


The month of December is over and our GLOW theme is done, but that doesn’t mean that we are not still trying to add lights to anything and everything in MAKESHOP.  After spending an entire month playing with lights and creating all kinds of switches, I decided that it would be really cool to make a chair that lights up when you sit on it.

I started working on a really rough prototype that used some LED lights, foam, an old pressure switch, a stool, and lots of wire and tape.

It is not the prettiest thing in the world, but it does work… most of the time.

Rebecca and I discussed ways of making it look much nicer, like sewing the lights into the fabric.  Rebecca is much better at making things look professional than I am.  I like the beginning phases of a project., and it’s nice to collaborate with someone when you need help or advice.

Hopefully the two of us can combine our efforts to actually make this light-up chair move past the prototype phase.


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