Puppet Prototype



Each month, our staff picks a programmatic theme for MAKESHOP that helps us to decide on what activities to provide.  Our theme in MAKESHOP for the month of February is puppets.  We decided to explore different ways to make puppets by reimagining recycled materials, sewing finger puppets and cloth puppets, building marionettes  and playing with shadows puppets.  As always, we will integrate digital media into these activities by creating stop-motion animations and helping visitors to record performances. We are also going to have some local artists visit MAKESHOP to demonstrate their art to visitors.  This should be a very fun month.



Above is example of one of my  floor plans for MAKESHOP.  It is good to visualize how to set up the room for specific activities. I typically just draw out the space and then figure out where certain tables and other equipment should go.




We also created a very “official” puppet stage by flipping a table on its side.  I was inspired by watching a behind the scenes video on The Muppet Show to use a TV monitor and a camera to allow visitors to see their puppets in action.  This way, you are able to see exactly what the audience is seeing.  This gives visitors a new perspective that I don’t think they typically get when performing.



I look forward to seeing all of the amazing puppets that get created in the month of February.


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