CD Spin Art

Here is a great example of a visitor taking an existing exhibit piece and making it so much more fun.  This visitor turned our circuit blocks into an art project.  We were exploring the different circuit blocks and when we got to the block that contains an old CD drive I was asked if we had any CDs to test on it.  It just so happens that we have a bunch of old or ruined CD’s in one of our storage cabinets.  I got one out and put it on top of the motor and we were able to make the CD spin.  Then…



 …We had the brilliant idea to draw on the CD while it was spinning with a marker.  It made a really cool circular design.  We  got out more CDs, some different colored markers, and we set to work.  Soon enough other visitors were joining us in our discovery.  This was a really fun and simple activity.  It is always a joy to try out an idea, no matter how goofy  it sounds.



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