Animation and a lot of jewelry

Michael and Katie are two kids who really took full advantage of MAKESHOP.  They spent some time getting introduced to two different projects, mainly stop-motion animation and jewelry making.  After an introduction, they set out to create several amazing and varied projects.  Katie spent some time making felt balls out of wool and then proceeded to make necklace using her felt creations.  She was then shown how to attach the felt to earring hooks.  She spent over an hour creating two sets of felt earrings, a set of button earrings, and a set of googly eye earrings (my personal favorite).  She explained to me at one point that she didn’t realize how easy it could be to make your own jewelry.  Hopefully, she will continue to making stuff at home!  That’s an important aspect of MAKESHOP. We empower children to create things, and continue creating things long after they leave.


Now at this point, I was in and out of MAKESHOP because I was doing some organizing and cleaning.  Every time I came back into the workshop space, Micheal was there tinkering with our stop-motion animation program.  He made several animations that varied in materials, camera angle, and story.  He spent such a long time playing and adapting and trying things out.  We even moved one of the tables in the shop to create a set for one of the animations.  He told me at one point that he was so happy to be able to do things the way he wanted, instead of being told how to do something a certain way.


Katie and Michael were amazing visitors. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to interact with them.


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