Mermaid Puppet


When 4-year-old Reese came in, she was sure she wanted to make something… she just wasn’t sure what. After seeing a prototype marionette our Teaching Artist Lea had made, she was immediately inspired. “My favorite princess is Ariel. I’m going to make a mermaid puppet,” she declared, “And when I get home I’m going to put on a puppet show for my mom and dad.”


She knew that Ariel was going to need a green tail, a head with red hair, and a body. So she began by picking out some fabric, and settled down at the sewing table. Because the show was to be a surprise, her father was instructed to stay away while she worked. Little did he know that he would be left waiting.

For three hours.


All of the ideas and work on this puppet were hers. All she needed from us was a little help holding pieces in place while she sewed (something she’d never done before) and some guiding questions about how large a piece of fabric would have to be to wrap around the felt ball she’d selected as the stuffing for the head.

Reese originally wanted to create all of the mermaid sisters (all “sixty-ninety” of them), but she quickly realized that Ariel was taking a long time and maybe she’d have to “make a new one every time I come back” before she had the full set.


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