Knitting with YouthALIVE!


Knit the Bridge is a local art initiative by the Fiber Arts Guild to cover an entire Pittsburgh bridge with colorful knit (or crocheted) panels. MAKESHOP has hosted a KtB drop-off box, and we’ve had several visits in the past from guest KtB knitters.

Last week, KtB brought a team of high school students from a KtB school residency to run a knitting workshop for the Museum’s 6th-8th grade after-school program, YouthALIVE!.

YouthALIVE!’s sessions with us are always a bit of a whirlwind, and while this one started with a brief discussion of the economical and emotional benefits of knitting,  the yarn was in the students’ hands pretty quickly.  The KtB team were wonderful teachers, both passionate and patient, and soon the YouthALIVE! students were knitting away, on everything from their fingers:


…to their arms:


…to, oh right, knitting needles:



Some of the YouthALIVE! students had shown a good deal of interest in knitting, and this workshop was a great opportunity for them to solidify their understanding and practice their technique.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more creative knit work from these students in the future.

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