Guest puppet makers



A couple of weeks ago, we were visited by artists Zach Dorn and Murphi Cook. Zach and Murphi are two local artists. Zach was even a participant in the Museum’s Tough Art program two years ago.  This particular Saturday had the two of them making shadow puppets with our visitors.  They had a very simple set up with a small screen, some lights, paper, and metal wire.  Visitors were encouraged to play with example puppets and create their own.  There were some very intricate puppets made that day.  This was a nice activity because it allowed people to spend as much time as they wanted creating their puppets or visitors could just play with the puppets.  Some people even seemed happy just watching others put on a show with their puppets.

Shadows can seem like a simple activity, but you don’t always need a super fancy, high tech extravaganza to let visitors have fun.  Sometimes, all you need is some paper and some light.


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