A year’s visit

Thomas and Aiden visited the Museum with their dad a year ago.  The family is from Buffalo, NY and they visit Pittsburgh once a year. Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is always one of their stops. I was fortunate to spend a lot of time with them during last year’s visit.  There is an older blog post that I wrote about their experience here.  I am glad that I got to see them again.  I remembered them because they don’t like the Buffalo Bills football team, even though they are from Buffalo, and the Bills are my favorite team. They remembered me because I showed them how to create a stop-motion animation.  The two of them spent some time with our newest version of our stop-motion animation program.  They had a great time creating the video above along with some shorter/sillier videos as well.

It is really rewarding to see a group of visitors return to the Museum with old memories of the last time they were here.  It’s even better knowing that they are making new memories each time they visit.


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