Indian Scouts and shopbots


I had the opportunity to teach a Saturday workshop about electricity to a group of Indian Scouts.  The group consisted of fifteen kindergartners and fifteen dads.  I’m not sure who had more fun… me, the kids, or the dads. I think the dads did.  I gave the group the challenge to use some motors and batteries to make something… anything.  As usual, there was no right or wrong.  My only instruction was to make sure you batteries and motor worked.  Above is a picture of the workshop before they built there projects.  The below is a picture of the aftermath.



It might look like a huge mess, but I see a room where some real making took place.  The dads and kids did a great job of working together.  They experimented with ideas, they brainstormed, and showcased what worked and what didn’t.  These kind of workshops that allow families to work together to build something or solve a problem are great.

Thanks again to the Indian Scouts for asking us to let them come to MAKESHOP to explore and build and have fun.


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