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In April, we celebrated Earth Day by helping visitors plant seeds in recycled containers.  Our visitors learned about the basic needs of plants as they carefully filled their chosen containers with dirt, seeds, and water.  Most of the planted seeds went home with families, but we kept some here.

We had a variety of seeds to choose from:  quick growing grass seeds (for the impatient), a wildflower mix (for the indecisive), and a selection of edible plants including sunflowers, peas, and pumpkins.  The vegetables were particularly fun because their seeds were so recognizable.

These pea plants were planted by visitors.  Peas are vines, which use other structures such as trees or rocks for support, and a few days ago ours became tall enough to need some coffee stir sticks to climb up.

Pea seedlingsOlder pea seedlings

In the spirit of Earth Day, we encouraged our visitors to creatively reuse containers for their planters.  Here is a ceramic pot that we rescued from our Studio, where it had been abandoned by its creator.

Wildflower mix in recycled pottery


And here is a planter made out of a plastic bottle.  If you cut a bottle in half and invert the top half into the bottom, you’ll have a self-watering chambered planter — here’s an Instructable with more detailed instructions.



Most of our seedlings like a sunny spot, so we’ve lined them up along our window sill.

Window view

When they get big enough to survive outside, we’ll hand them over to the Museum’s gardening staff to add to their kitchen and learning garden.  With some luck, we could get some delicious peas and sunflower seeds for our efforts! We offer many Garden programs at the Museum. Check them out!

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