Repurposing Jeans


It was around three o’clock in the afternoon when Katie came into MAKESHOP with an old pair jeans in tote.  She explained to me that the jeans had holes in them and her mom wanted to throw them out.  Instead, Katie brought the jeans to the Museum to turn them into something new.  Katie has been to MAKESHOP before, so she was confident about what could be done.  She consulted me, Derek, and Amy about what she should do with her old jeans.  We all brainstormed some ideas and in the end Amy helped Katie create a really stellar clutch bag out of a portion of the jeans.


Amy then instructed Katie on how she could turn the rest of the jeans into shorter pants for summer.  Katie left with one finished project and another project to finish at home.

We provide a lot of materials in MAKESHOP and receive donations of fabric, recyclables, and wood all the time.  It is really impressive when visitors bring in materials for a specific purpose.  Katie’s project really exemplifies what MAKESHOP is all about.  It is a place to share ideas, materials, and tools to create something new.  That “something new” doesn’t have to be a product.  It can be more than that, it can be a new skill, a new memory, a new friend, a new idea, or a new way of thinking. Katie is a great example of a visitor who was inspired by our activities and decided to repurpose, instead of throwing away, and to do it herself, instead of buying it from someone else.




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